“Have an attitude of gratitude with a servant mindset and you, your life, business and company will blossom.”

This sticky note really resonates with me. As I travel across the USA I have been met with some interesting hiccups. Original flight supposed to leave at 6am. Was canceled for mechanical problems. Rebooked for 10am to be delayed to the point where I would miss a connection flight in LA. So back downstairs I go to rebook again, this time flight is out of San Francisco which requires a 2 hr taxi ride. By now many people would be upset and perhaps irrate but I choose different.  I am choosing to look at it as an opportunity to 1 get to my destination safely, 2 enjoy the people I meet in the process (some people watching & how they deal with stressful curcumstances), and 3 enjoy the journey. Boy what a journey it was! After 17hrs of travel to finally make it to NYC I met some great people; technology executives, business owners, assisted in comforting a upset women,  and was given a Sundae with a cherry on top while on the plane. Overall well worth the hours and in the process of being a part of others lives for a few minutes to a couple of hours I learned a lot about how we all are really connected. This journey allowed me to practice having an attitude of gratitude regardless the circumstances.

Wishing you all an amazing day.

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