dreams-sleep or chase after them Every day you have the choice to hit the restart button or the snooze button. I love this note because it speaks to just that. 1. Hit the snooze button and continue to dream OR 2. Wake up and Chase your dreams.

So which one is it for you?

If you are someone who is on path and purpose you know exactly what direction you are headed and what you are doing. You are probably someone who is jumping out of bed even before the alarm clock goes off you are so excited. Awesome, keep chasing those dreams!

What if you are the person who would rather hit the snooze button, just one more time? What if you don’t know exactly what you are meant to do in this lifetime, what impact you are to make in the world, things may seem drab and you just don’t have that “get up and go” excited feeling. Then what?

Well, let me ask you this…what DO you enjoy doing?

If time and money was no object, you had a bank account that was bursting at the seams and all the time in the world, what would you be doing?

If the answer doesn’t come to you right away, you deserve to consciously learn to dream again, just as children do.  Your task right now is to pull out a piece of paper and start writing down things in each of the following categories.

I am happiest when I am….?  Reading a book, having an “Ah-ha” moment, helping children read, hearing that I was able to help a friend with a problem, spending time with family, being in nature, traveling the world, trying to uncover a mystery, creating a new app or program, speaking in front of a crowd, rearranging furniture or loving on animals.

Travel-where would you go? Some place with white sandy beaches & crystal clear blue water, perhaps the rain-forest  a cruise, the mountains, a spa resort, hiking, Comic-Con, go stand on a glacier, go on a bike ride overseas and raise money for your favorite charity or maybe take a trip around the world and see all of the 7 Wonders.

Home-Where would you live and what would it look like? A big custom home in the Alps, beach front property, a country ranch with 20 acres of land with horses, a high rise in the big city with a infinity pool overlooking the night life or perhaps a home for every season.

Vehicle-What car have you always wanted to have? Be detailed of the color and all the amenities that it would possess. Have you ever driven one before? If not I highly suggest you make that a priority this weekend, then take a picture of you in the car! Feel what it feels like to sit in the seats, experience the way it drives and how that makes you feel.

Who would you help? We all have people in our lives that have assisted us in our journey and since in this example we have unlimited funds and time…what would you do for those people that have helped you along the way? Buy them a house, assist with medical bills (heck pay them off), take them on a vacation, spend time with them, watch their kids for them while they go on a all expense paid date-your treat, shopping spree, cook them a gourmet meal (or have a amazing chef do it for you), perhaps even ask that special someone to spend the rest of their life with you?

Pinterest is a great place to assist you in opening your mind to dream again. You can create your own mini “dream boards” for all of the above.

My goal is not for you to get caught up in the materialism of these things but it will jump start you to start thinking about what you enjoy doing again. We deserve to Dream just as children do and for those of us that lost that along the way (like I did) this helps to get us jump started. Then we can take it to the next level but we must start somewhere.

Enjoy the Dreaming process, don’t turn any idea down no matter how crazy or if you feel you may never be able to afford it. There is no harm in writing it down or saving it to a Pinterest Board.

May you always remember to DREAM BIG!

With love,

Shay Wheat

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