Face Your Fears

Face Your Fears

“When I get scared, my 1st instinct is to run away or shut my eyes real tight or both at the same time. But if you run around with your eyes closed, not only do you bump into walls a lot, you miss out on seeing some pretty amazing stuff. So what I am learning is to face my fears head on. I don’t run anymore and I don’t cover my eyes.  I am embracing my fears as they are the seeds of a new life. They bring new joys and new dreams. When I look my fears straight in the eye…I see… My FUTURE.”

- Character Goldie Clemmons from TV show The New Normal



Love that quote!

Probably because I can relate to it, have experienced it and to this day work on facing my fears head on with my eyes open. It isn’t easy but the BEST experiences I have had thus far have come from doing things that scared me and were “outside my box”.

“I am embracing my fears as they are the seeds of a new life.” WOW! How powerful! Just imagine if you were to shift your thoughts to embrace your fears and see them as seeds of a new life. How would your life change? What if you did it for a month, a week or even a day? Can you imagine what experiences you would have? If you think of the old adage “Fear=False Evidence Appearing Real” then who’s to say that Fear can’t be turned into Following Experiences Appreciating Reality. Now that is my kind of FEAR!

So as you go through your day today and into tomorrow, face your FEARs, follow those experiences and appreciate the reality of those seeds of a new life that you are creating for yourself. You Deserve it! Now go make it happen! I will see you at the top and look forward to swapping our NEW FEAR stories because that deserves to be the New Normal.


Your fellow NEW FEAR Normal friend,

Shay Wheat


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