” Take risks. You never move forward if you stay in the same place.” Meghan McCain, writer, author


I’m sure you have heard, “No Risk, No Reward” right? Same thing goes for the below note, Let’s have more “Oh wells” vs “What ifs”. I heard a study was done of people who were close to the end of their life, living in retirement homes answer the question/phrase “looking back at your life, what would you say?” The large majority of them said “I wish I had taken more risks”.
Life is all about “Experiences”, things on your Bucket List, things you wouldn’t normally do. This year for me, my “Theme” is to have more “Experiences”. Thus far I have become a model – where I was able to wear a wedding dress, get my hair and make-up done, be photographed by a ton of different photographers and ended up with some amazing pictures! I also tried out for a movie and got a role! Both are “Experiences” I would never have had if I didn’t get out of my own way.

What “Experiences” are you looking to have this year?



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