Do you know what is happening in your local community?

A great friend of mine introduced me to an event that was happening at the local State College, Sacramento State, and asked if I would like to attend. 

Sure, what are we supporting?



This is what she sent me…

H.A.R.T. Balloon Release

As human beings, we subconsciously keep a record of wrongs that has been done to us in the past. The act of holding a grudge is a habit by human nature; unaware of the negative effect it can have in life.

The H.A.R.T Balloon Release event is purposed for the public to take a step toward becoming a community that will not tolerate bullying. Prior to the main event of releasing the H.A.R.T. balloons, the public is welcome to stop by the Have H.A.R.T. booth to write something he or she desires to let go of. Whether it is a specific name, a personal reflection, or a negative memory, the idea is to identify an unhealthy resentment and have a physical written form of it..

Those who participate will be asked to return to the booth at 3pm, tie their piece of paper to a balloon, and release it along with all the other attendees. Releasing the balloon symbolizes being free of the written issue and moving on in life without any burdens.


SOLD! I am sooo In!

shay and alexis balloon release

Not only am I about supporting an awesome group of young, purpose driven individuals who rally together for the good of human kind but to have an opportunity for me to also release things that burden me is right up my alley. 


So off we went to the Sac State campus, ready to write down our burdens, connect with like-minded individuals and bring awareness to those around us. There was probably 50+ balloons and over 100 people in attendance on the quad that afternoon.


Messages written, tied onto the balloons and ready for lift off!



It was an amazing feeling to physically write down (getting it out of your head, onto paper) a fear, set back, something that is holding you back and/or whatever it is you are wanting to release, tie it to a balloon,  LET IT GO, and watch it float away. The feeling I had afterwards was incredibly a sense of calm, ease and by the time we got back in our car to head home I was full of life and energy…bouncing in the car to the music and being silly. It was a symbolic gesture that had an emotional and physical release for me and one “tool” I had forgotten was so powerful.

My hope for sharing this with you today is to open your eyes to other “tools” of assisting you to release things in your world that are no longer serving you. Whether it be a balloon release with the community just as we did (feel free to create your own group too!), writing it down on paper and burning it (remember safety first), or connecting with a coach/councilor/mentor/friend there are many options. Also there are many resources (we heard about this from ) locally that can inform you of events and ways to be involved in your community.

Wishing you all the best on this beautiful day and never stop working on you!


Up, Up and Away!

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