Make things happen note There comes a time when you have the gut, intuition feeling of

“It’s time to Make Things Happen!”

No more sliding through life, no more slouching around, no more “waiting”. 

It’s Go Time!

That time is NOW!

It reminds me of the saying “If your ship doesn’t come out to you, swim out to it.”

Yep, that is where we are now. I feel it. Do you?

I have been interacting with more and more people lately who are also feeling this driving force to take action, to change what they have been doing, to strive after their passions and just “KNOW” that all will fall into place. Granted it is scary, it is outside our comfort zones but it “feels” right.

Last year was a Year of Experiences for me, this year is a Year of Prosperous Opportunity. It is amazing how the simple act of setting an intention, sharing it with those around you, those of influence and affluence, will end up in an amazing snowball effect that you could not have possibly imagined. However it will never happen if you don’t start to take some action. MAKE THINGS HAPPEN! It’s time. There is no better time than right now to get that snowball rolling. Just pick up some snow, be at the top of a hill, create a ball, then get it started on its path. Now that you can visualize that in your minds eye, how does that relate to the “real world” right?

snowballSnowball-That’s your idea, your intention, your thoughts and dreams, your passion. Resting there in your hands. An inanimate object with no force acting upon it currently. Just sitting there for you to admire and look upon.

Hill-The launch pad, the starting place. It’s where you stand, right here, right now.

Snow ballStart the rolling process- Taking your idea, your passion, your intention and putting it into play in the world. Allow it to interact with others. Share it with those around you, share your passion, share your vision, explain it so they see what you see so they can share it with those around them & explain it as you have done.

That is Making Things Happen.

I’m not saying you must roll your snowball down the hill today but I am urging you to pick up some snow, hold it in your hand, grab some more snow and start to build your snowball.

I am excited to hear about where you are in the process of Making Things Happen.

Enjoy the Ride!




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