I recently had the opportunity to ask my network, my community, friends and loved ones for some help and assistance.  I was in a moment of emotional growth.

What exactly does that mean Shay?

Frankly…I was balling my eyes out!

Now in the past I would have just pulled out my journal or notebook paper, start writing and processing the feelings and emotions.  This time however it was different. I have been working very diligently on opening my heart more.  In this heart space there is no room for ego, drama, and negativity thus me reaching out to my community and asking for some extra love as I was hurting so deeply is no longer seen as a weakness for me, whereas before I thought I failed if I couldn’t figure it out on my own.  I no longer feel I must (nor do I desire) to sit in a room by myself and figure it out on my own. Now by connecting with your friends and community I’m not saying call ALL your friends up and start replaying the emotional story over and over but a few people are fine or you can simply ask (perhaps text, being that we are in an age of technology) something similar to this, “I don’t need to talk but if you could send me some good love and vibes right now I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you. :-)”. This worked well for me, one: it was getting late, two: I was crying hard and didn’t feel like explaining anything to anyone, three: my community is very loving and willing to help each other when we require it, no matter what, and four: I just required a little “love backup”, not anyone to “fix me” just loving support…that’s what I asked for and that is exactly what I got!

The responses I received were “Absolutely”, “Of Course”, “Done Deal”, and “My Pleasure”.

Just knowing that I don’t always have to be the strong one is very comforting. I can allow myself to “water my growth” (that’s what I call crying) and know that I have people who will send me love as I do my work on me and that I am not alone.

The important thing to remember is to reach out. If I didn’t reach out, no one would know to send me that extra burst of love when I really required it and I don’t feel I would have been able to heal as fast without it.

Remember we are all emotional human beings that have trials, tribulations and adversities. No one person is “strong enough” to handle it all on their own. That’s why and how we connect with the people we connect with, so we can help each other when the going gets tough.  Don’t let your pride and ego get in the way of your healing. Who knows, it might actually open a door for you that you may never would have thought of or make a connection with someone who will alter the course of your life for the better. However, for the potential for something like that to occur, you must let down your guard, be your true authentic self and open up that heart space.

Thank you to those in my community who answered my request for extra love that night.

I appreciate you!

Much love and gratitude,

Shay Wheat


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