“When I hit a wall and feel overburdened, I think of my 78-year-old mother who still volunteers for friends and family. This puts things in perspective.” – Maureen Pennington, Senior Nurse Executive, U.S. Naval Medical Center San Diego, 2007 Minerva Award Recipient


Posted By: Jillian T.

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Thanks Jullian, that is so true! Ever notice when we simply change our perspective, our outcome has the potential to change as well? The old saying “if you keep doing what you’ve always done, you will keep getting what you’ve always got” fits nicely here as well. You are the only one with the choice to change your perspective, the question is…will you?


Peggy Writes: “I found the note on a bathroom mirror in a movie theater — loved it, took the photo and found Stand Up and Lead on the web. Such a simple and serendipitous way to share strength and leadership. Can’t wait to participate.”











Thanks so much Peggy. We are glad you are participating with us and we look forward to seeing some of your notes soon!

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