Have you noticed, as you start to do more personal development work, that friends and relationships may no longer work the way they used to. The time you had together fit then but no longer seems to fit now. That’s okay. People come into our lives for days, weeks, months, perhaps a season or for a lifetime. The goal is to learn the lesson and accept the blessings for the time you spend together.  You may also notice that the universe will test you. Test you to see if what you say you no longer want and what you want are in alignment with which direction you take when given the choice and opportunity to choose what you did in the past or choose the new path and new direction you say you want to go in.

It is also very interesting to watch this transpire as a coach because I get to see this happen in my clients world and I too get an opportunity choose the direction I will head (you can’t teach that what you don’t know and don’t experience, right!?). I too get to choose which relationships I will keep, who will fall away and who may re-enter my world down the line. Yes I am a coach that does talk the talk and walk the walk. I am on a journey just as you are and recently a very new friend came into my world, however he is one of those connections where you feel like you have known each other FOREVER! I feel this picture he sent sums it all up quite nicely “The Journey is the Reward”.

Enjoy your Journey my friends.

In Gratitude,

Shay Wheat

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