Meet Shay

blue eyed sunshineHello!  My name is Shay and I am the editor of the Stand Up And Lead website.  I am a resident of beautiful Northern California, love my two cats (who really act more like dogs), enjoy spending time with family/friends, being in nature and I choose to grow personally and professionally every day.


When you send a note to the Stand Up And Lead website (via email,  ), you will hear back from me!  I really love to talk to everyone involved in the website, so please drop me a line to say hello and tell me about your Stand Up And Lead experiences.


I began Stand Up And Lead in 2012 because I am dedicated to ending negative self-talk, not only for myself but for those around me and eventually the world at large (not a big deal, right :-).  Through Stand Up And Lead, I hope we can all encourage a positive image in ourselves and others.  I truly believe that everyone of us is powerful. We are all leaders that have a unique gift that only we can share with the world, our community, our family, etc.

My story begins with the discovery that I would have moments of being a “Leader” but more often than not, I would hide behind someone else if I felt that they were stronger, had more experience, were better than me, etc. It wasn’t until I really started looking at why I do the things I do, why I kept having the same experiences and expecting different results and with the assistance of one of my coaches that I figured out that “It is Time…” It is Time for me to Stand Up And Lead. But I am not alone, that is where you come in. I am simply the conduit for you to find the strength and power within yourself to Stand Up and take control of your world. Let’s Make It Happen! We are all here to support you.

You are powerful!

Thank you for being you and for becoming the person we know you are.

I look forward to being a part of this experience with you.


Prosperous Regards,

Shay Wheat
“Blue Eyed Sunshine”

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