You Will never find what you have...until you "let go" of what you had. “You will never find what you have…until you “Let Go” of what you had.”

Stuck in the Past? Unable to let go of what was in order to participate in the here and now? It is called Being in the Moment. The past is history and tomorrow is a mystery, all we have is the moment and that is why they call it Present.

That is all we ever really have, the present moment. The past gives us some background knowledge, it gives us stepping-stones, it gives us possible clues in order to navigate the present and future. However, the past does not dictate how we choose to move forward in the present moment. The past is what we remember, our perception of events and outcomes.

Key word is Perception.

How we “saw” things transpire. Now that perception was based on knowledge you had at that point in time in your life. The thing is, you are constantly learning and growing (whether you like it or not :-) Meaning that you could be in the same situation once again and your 1st thought will be to pull upon past experiences to give you background on how to move forward. However what if you were to look at this experience again with new eyes? How might things change? How will letting go of the past, what you had, serve you now in the present moment? What new tools and experiences have you learned for possible new outcomes?

Funny thing about the past, it can never be changed. The only thing that can change is your perspective and how you choose to move forward. Will you hold onto the past and recreate the same experiences over and over expecting different results? Will you acknowledge the past, recognize it for the lesson it taught you and choose different, choose another route moving forward? Will you completely abandon it and choose to look at each new experience with fresh eyes and every time the past creeps back up say “Thank you but I choose not to view things from a past perspective”? There is no right or wrong in these questions and your choice in choosing per experience. My intention is to bring it to your awareness and remind you that you are in choice.

Many times we get stuck and are unable to move forward because we choose to believe things will always stay the same because of our past experiences. We choose not to Let Go and we will continue to have opportunities arise to learn the same lesson over and over until we get it.  If this is you, may I suggest stepping back, taking a breath and asking for a new option, a new possibility to present itself. Heck if you don’t like that outcome you can always go back to what you were doing (however I have a feeling you weren’t too happy with that outcome anyway. Right?).

Alternatively, when we do get an opportunity to let go it allows us to free up space for something new or perhaps something that has always been there but we were unable to see because we were focused elsewhere. You have the tools, knowledge, strength and skill within you to find the answers and things you seek. Unfortunately, many of us have also learned and adopted other thoughts that cause doubt, fear and lack to creep into our mindset and do their best to keep us there.

My hope is that today will assist you in taking a moment to step back and look at things in your world from a different perspective, a different view-point, and at the very least taking a moment to breathe before doing what you have always done in the past.

Otherwise, “You will never find what you have…until you “Let Go” of what you had.”

Many Blessings & Prosperous Regards,



p.s. A recent trip to Carmel brought me a similar perspective in this Shayism: Waves effect on the Past, Present and Future

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