Today’s post is a guest post from a dear friend of mine Ryan John Phillips, creator of Return To Happiness. I had the pleasure of meeting Ryan at the beginning of this year and he is one of those friends that when you meet it feels like you have known them forever! Please take a look at the great things Ryan is doing in the world and enjoy his guest post today.
Friends are in it for the long haul

Friends are in it for the long haul

What would we do without “true” friends in our lives? I know my friends and family make up my world. What is a true friend? A true friend is a person who is in your life, that loves you unconditionally with no judgement. We all go through experiences and tests in life and it’s the people that stay by your side (no matter what) that are to be cherished and held in the highest ranks of friendship. Being a true friend back is also a very important factor in the growth of any relationship. It’s also very important not to dump too many of your issues onto friends for the benefit of their own well being. There’s such a thing as energy “givers” and “takers.” You know the people that drain you sometimes because their paradigms are stuck in negative thought patters. Our duty as friends is to help elevate, and inspire to bring out the best in others. Our own actions is what immediately draws people to us in the first place and they don’t always have to come through the words we speak, instead by the deeds we perform. I’ve been guilty in my past of flash judgments and putting down others, but ask yourself what good that does for you and the other person? How does it make your body and mind feel? Not very good in most cases and it really serves no purpose either as everything is reciprocated back through the law of compensation. My idealism’s have changed a lot in my thirties on what the true meaning of this word we call friendship is. I just do my best to be present and give good advice. When we sow good deeds to others in the form of being a great friend the reward is one that can’t be matched by anything. It’s a great to have like beings laughing joyously and also to share tears as well. That’s what makes true friendship real and so worth while. I’m sure you have one friend that sticks out in mind that is your rock. Do both of yourselves a favor today and tell he or she how much you care about them and make today one of joy, bliss and love.

God Bless RJP.
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