Super Bowl XLVII in 2013

Super Bowl XLVII in 2013

For some, yesterday’s Super Bowl was a sad day. Many fans really would have wished the referees didn’t miss that call, would have thrown a flag or some other countless mishaps that occurred in the game. For me, I am not the biggest football fan. However yesterday was not about football for me. It was about spending time with my family, friends, meeting new people and having fellowship (I was hoping for some awesome Super Bowl commercials as well :-) ). The day started out with a great family breakfast, a trip to drop off some custom-made football cookies to my mom that my sis-in-law and I made the day before, then back to my brother’s house to prepare some food and await for the guests to arrive. Friends came in and out throughout the day bringing with them love, laughter, experiences, life updates and hopefully leaving a little better than when they showed up.

Sometimes we deserve to take a little time out to put ourselves in experiences that may be outside our comfort zone or in an activity that we may not “enjoy” however if we choose to get past the pain and/or annoyance of the event we can experience the benefit of the people you get to meet! This usually tends to be much better than expected. I know for me I had the opportunity to offer some of my knowledge and skill, open the door to take a look at a few books I have been reading and suggest to other which I feel will really assist them in their lives (The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts
was one of those book recommendations). This is part of what I love to do, assisting people. So even though I didn’t know a whole lot of what was going on in the game, the names of the players and why the power outage occurred, I did learn from a few people who started to explain things to me, I did get to offer some guidance and suggestions and throughout the day…laughed and smiled a whole lot!

Thank you for an amazing Super bowl Sunday!

Light and Love,
Shay Wheat

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