“Give what you need the most” – Eve Ensler, Playwrite, Performer, Activist


Beliefs are thoughts looked through your own “rosy colored glasses”, meaning a belief is your own and when you look at the world your actions and behavior are based on your beliefs. Thus if you were looking to change your behavior or in most cases stop achieving certain results you always keep getting you must break it down all the way back to your belief system, change that and thus you will change your behavior and the behavior of those around you.

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Ah yes, the comfort zone, where everything is safe on the inside…or is it? Your comfort zone will keep you where you are at, however should you desire to move forward, experience new things, grow as a person, then I suggest you increase your comfort zone. After all the worst that could happen is you end back in your comfort zone and Heck, you are there already!
My challenge to you is to try something that scares you. Now it doesn’t have to be HUGE, just something where your brain says “yea, I really would rather not, thanks” then do it anyway. It can be as small as saying “Hi” to a stranger and smiling or as big as accomplishing something on your Bucket List that you have been putting off. Whatever it is for you, do it today because tomorrow is not always guaranteed and we are people who Stand Up And Lead ourselves and others. Please let me know how you increased your comfort zone.

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