A great article to start the New Year off right! Please enjoy this guest article. I have personally met and spent time getting to Kody as well as read his amazing book “Promptings”. I highly recommend it especially if working with the power of the “I am” is new to you. Some people also call them affirmations and the StandUpAndLead project can also be seen as forms of “I Am” statements we send out to the world.

Wishing you an amazing New Year.
Hope you get everything you dream of and more in 2014.

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Let “I AM” Statements Help You Reach Your 2014 Goals

Jan 2, 2014 By SendOutCards 

While you can set goals at anytime, January is typically the best time to start planning for the things that you’d like to accomplish throughout the New Year. Everyone has different goals, aspirations and resolutions in mind, but writing them down will increase the likelihood that they come true.

And if you’re writing them, why not write them down as, “I AM” statements? In his book,Promptings, founder and CEO, Kody Bateman, talks about the importance of  “I AM” statements. “I AM” statements are great way for you to understand your “why” as you visualize your goals, dreams and aspirations. It helps brings them to life. Read more about the process of “I AM” statements and incorporate your New Year goals and resolutions into them!

The Process of the “I AM” – Excerpts from Promptings

“When you create an “I AM” statement, visualize it, and state your compelling “why,” your subconscious mind goes into action delivers exactly what you tell it. You have all heard the saying, “You better be careful what you wish for because you might get it.” It’s amazing how true those words are. When you write these statements, make sure you know what you are saying because that is exactly what you will get. Write your statements, visualize them as best as you can, state your “whys” using all the senses, and keep sending yourself this message over and over.” – Kody Bateman

Your subconscious mind is storing the limiting belief and your conscious mind is feeding it by your daily thoughts about lack of, can’t do, I’m a victim thinking.  It is also fed by simple negative words we use. For example, your subconscious mind may be storing an old limiting belief that says, “I will never be free of financial hardship.” Your conscious mind will feed that with thoughts like you never got that breaks you needed or it takes money to make money or it’s not meant to be. The key is to recognize this and create strong language in a new set of “I am” statements that will switch your mindset back to where it was meant to be.

Short and precise “I AM” statements tend to be the most profound.  For example, “I am financially independent and free” versus “I need more money.” The first statement implies financial abundance and the second implies lack.

“When I first wrote the above statement, it said, “I am financially independent and debt free.” I used that statement for about a year. I was sharing that statement in a seminar, and an attendee suggested that I take the word “debt” out since it was negative word. I changed it to “I am financially independent and free.” That one word made a huge impact on the effectiveness of the statement.” – Kody Bateman

Kody faced financial hardships and hurdles when he decided to create and launch SendOutCards. But despite naysayers, one thing always stood out to him — his promise to his brother that he would act on his promptings and help others do the same. That became his “why” and it was big enough to get pass all the “hows.” Find your compelling and “why” and let it help drive you.

Create a dream card (or board) to help yourself visualize your dream. The more senses you use in your “I AM” statement, the more emotion or feeling you generate. If you want a new boat, dream home, a mountain cabin, a strong portfolio, a successful in-home business, or charity to support, simply subscribe to the magazines that cover those things. There are magazines out there for almost anything.


Create your “I AM” statements today and get one step closer to accomplishing your goals! You’ll be surprised at how creating “I AM” will help you manifest your dreams and aspirations into reality. To read more about Promptings and “I AM” statements, get a copy of Promptings, available now in SendOutCards Gift Shop, and attend a Treat’em Right Seminar in your area!

Go out there and reach your 2014 goals in year of the Revolution!


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