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Celebrate Quirks with other weirdos in your tribe


celebrate quirks “When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of “Me, too!” be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe.”


I LOVE this saying. It is so true. I find that when I am weird, child-like, silly, don’t have a care in the world and am enjoying where I am at in life…aka being my true authentic self, these “quirks” show up. Things like bursting out into song or dance or a thought or saying will come flying out of my mouth. It is in these moments that allow others to let their guard down and join you. Being authentic together and at that moment you really do feel a heart connection, a string that ties you to one another. Instant rapport and connection happens in that instance. This is an indication of someone else in your “tribe”. A common denominator, an open door to actually “see” each other like they talk about in the movie “Avatar”. (Great movie, if you haven’t seen it, rent it tonight!)

An example of what I am talking about. Music. I love music that has a great beat, catchy phrase, underlying message, etc. I have been known to be producing and running an event, getting things organized and set up, the AV guy is playing some “set up” music and all of the sudden…I will sing a line of the song. My client starts busting up laughing! “I thought I was the only one who does that!” She is a fellow “weirdo” who is a part of my tribe.

Music again, this time at a my boyfriend’s company picnic. A group of chemists and engineers and me…so not a chemist or engineer! Heck in my daily world I am so far from science and more on the other side of the spectrum looking at meditation, how thoughts become things, using essential oils and homeopathic methods; how am I going to relate to very science and math people. Remember, this is the first time meeting the majority of them. While my boyfriend is off in a Bocce tournament (which he did end up winning, yay honey!) I head over to a picnic table of his co-workers surrounding the Dessert table. As we discuss which dessert I had brought it then seemed like all of a sudden we got on the topic of songs, popular music videos and television shows like “GLEE”. Then we are singing lyrics of different songs. Mash-ups of our own. It is getting louder. Other people from the group are looking over at us, shaking their heads. I get a text from my boyfriend “You okay?” My reply “Yes! We are singing! :-)” His response back, “I know, we can hear you. LOL” I just found more of my “weirdo tribe” and we were having a good ‘ol time.

Your tribe is EVERYWHERE. Although if you never open up and be your authentic self, they will walk right on by. The ones that do walk on by when you are being authentic, that’s okay too. It is always my hope they find their own “weirdos”.


Happy Weirdo Seeking!

Much Love,


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The 3Rs: Recharge, Relax and Reflect

The 3 R’s: Recharge – Relax – Reflect

The 3Rs: Recharge, Relax and Reflect

The 3Rs: Recharge, Relax and Reflect

Ah Yes, The 3Rs….no not Reduce, Reuse and Recycle (even though that is a good one too) but my 3Rs are:



Today I had someone ask me if I had something fun and exciting happening this beautiful Sunday. My answer…”Today is a lazy Sunday, been busy this past month, time for some down time. Recharge, Relax, Reflect.” It was totally in the moment but it rang so true that I thought I would share it with you.

But first you need a beautiful picture to go with the mood of the words right? This is the view from my friend’s place up in Canada. How wonderful to wake up to this landscape! A place that one can truly Recharge – Relax – Reflect. Although it isn’t necessary to be in a place like this to still incorporate the 3Rs into your world.

What does it mean to:
Restore an electric charge by connecting to a device that draws power from another source.

Make or become less tense or anxious. Rest or engage in an enjoyable activity so as to become less tired or anxious.

(of a surface or body) Throw back (heat, light, or sound) without absorbing it.
Great, so now that we know the definitions, how do we incorporate it into our lives?
Many of us are “non-stop” always moving, having to take care of something or someone, right? I am all for being productive and making things happen but I also realize that we live in a world of opposites, yin and yang, light and dark, up and down, stop and go. Thus if we are in the go-go-go phase and never incorporate a stop the universe will always make sure we take one. When that happens it is usually a stop that we are not very happy with because it is usually a stop (cold/flu/injury/etc)  that will take us out of the game for a longer period of time than if we incorporated the stop ourselves.

Thus the reason for a day of Recharge – Relax – Reflect. This is a “stop” in my world of go-go-go. There are many ways of Recharging, Relaxing and Reflecting. Some like to read, travel, go snowboarding or other outdoor activities, sit in the park, visit friends, shop, yoga, meditate, take a bubble bath, walk around the block, heck even zoning out in front of the TV/Hulu/Netflix if you have a problem “turning off your brain” is an option.  Whatever options work for you, work on incorporating it into you weekly/monthly and if you are really making things happen, daily life and routine.

The Reflecting part is the section most people forget. They like the Recharge and Relax since it is fun, easy and pretty painless. The Reflecting part takes a little more work and if you are already a go-go-go person more work after some Relaxation and Recharging doesn’t always seem like the best thing to do. However, Reflecting will give you the greatest ROI down the road.


Perhaps you are doing things that could be done faster, easier and with less effort by “tweaking” a few things to make your processes better. Perhaps there are things and people in your world who are no longer going in the same direction as you are and it is time that they become a more part-time or every-once-n-awhile friend. Although how are you to discover this if you don’t take time to Reflect upon what is working and what is not. By Recharging and Relaxing first it gives our brain an opportunity to “chill”, remove it’s self from the situation or circumstances of life to give us a renewed perspective. Also it will ramp us back up into the go-go-go.

So what did I do today to Recharge-Relax-Reflect?
Worked out, Meditated, Watched some Hulu (since I haven’t had a TV for 10+yrs), Looked at some of my new Rocks (I got some pretty nice ones that I will be creating gifts with), Read a little about Reflexology & a bit from “Think and Grow Rich”, Had dinner with my family and played with my 3 yr old Nephew, Spoke with my friend from Canada that started my Reflecting process, Looked at and added to my White Board of Ideas/Projects/To-Do’s/Etc, and Wrote out the 3R’s. Living what I teach and teaching what I learn.

Hope this sparks and ignites within you the reminder to take time for the 3Rs.

Look forward to hearing your comments and emails on what you do to Recharge-Relax-Reflect.




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