1. What does Dory from the Disney movie “Finding Nemo” have to do with human being upbringings and comparisons?
     I love sitting down with people with different backgrounds  and upbringings. It fascinates me to learn about their path and journey to where they are today. Yesterday I had a fantastic meeting with Jenifer M. and she mentioned something she has learned that really is quite impactful that I asked if I could share it.
    “Don’t compare your insides to others outsides”.
    Love that! Why do we compare ourselves to others? We have no idea what path and journey they are on and if they are “living their truth”. Things might look all fine and dandy on the outside but I’ve realized, through my coaching and training practice, that we all have things we are working on…myself included. :-)
    So in the words of the great “Dory” from the movie Finding Nemo,
    “Just keep swimming” aka  Stand Up And Lead

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