“The only courage you ever need is the courage to live your heart’s desire.” – Oprah Winfrey, Chairman, Harpo, Inc. 2010 Minerva Award Recipient


This note so speaks to me. I have noticed in my life when I am indecisive and insecure I am stuck, I am unable to move forward, everything seems like it is in slow motion and frankly, it sucks! Even with a background and degree in Psychology and all my work in personal development, I am still human and still get stuck. However I have noticed that the more I work on the “Mind Chatter” the easier it is for me to be aware when it is starting to occur and the faster I am able to stop being stuck and indecisive. I remember hearing one time that “Whether you decide to make a decision or hold off…it is still a decision.” Wow! Anyone else ever “put things off” so you can decide later? When I heard that I had a “light bulb moment” or as Oprah would say “an Ah-ha moment”. So now I Choose to make a decision when it arises right then and there because procrastinating will only make matters worse. Trust me, when you do make the decision, especially if it is a tough one, you will feel so much better after you choose and move forward.
What types of decisions have you made recently that after you made the decision felt like a weight was lifted off your shoulders?

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Ah yes, Opportunities. They are all around us but you could be asking yourself and abundance of what kind of opportunities? Opportunites could be for work, business, your heart’s desire, an opportunity to give back to the community, to add value to someone’s life via a smile or simple “Hi”. It depends on what you are “LOOKING” for.

What we focus on expands, thus if your focus is on lack and fear you will find an abundance of such. On the flip side if your focus is on wealth, abundance, love, faith, trust, business opportunities, then that is what you shall find.
Let me give you an example. Let’s say you are looking to buy a new car…perhaps a Black BMW. You look them up online, find the make and model you like, save a picture of it on your computer and go on with the rest of your evening. The next day you are driving to work and what do you see? A Black BMW! Cool! You get to work and in the parking lot…there is another one! Lunch break in the staff room and you over hear someone speaking about the BMW commercial they just saw. Coincidence? Perhaps, but most likely it is because your focus changed. Yesterday you could care less, today you are so excited about possibly buying a new Black BMW and you start to see the abundance of opportunities around you to see them.

The abundance is there, the question is…will you go after it?

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