What others think about you ISN'T important...what you think about yourself means EVERYTHING!

What others think about you ISN’T important…what you think about yourself means EVERYTHING!


Sticky Note of the Day: “What others think about you ISN’T important…what you think about yourself means EVERYTHING!”

When in our developmental cycle of growing up do we learn that other people’s opinion of us is more important than how we feel, think and see ourselves? If you look at a baby or young child they are so happy and excited to learn and discover new things about themselves and their environment (oh look, at toe!)  that they really don’t seem all that interested in what we (and others) think about them finding their toe.

However somewhere in that growing up process we “Learn” that we are to put others thoughts, feelings, and desires above our own. We stop listening to our Gut and our intuition and start “people pleasing”.


What does that do for us? Where has it taken us? Granted I am not saying do things out of spite just to hurt another but if you truly want to (or not want to) do something why not go after it. Why do we feel like we don’t deserve our dreams because it may inconvenience someone else for the time being?

I feel it is time for us to Stand Up And Lead ourselves again. Discover new things and create new experiences. They don’t have to be huge and drastic but why not go to the beach one weekend, perhaps by yourself because you have had a internal feeling or “calling” to go. You are always in choice and you always have options. It is time to stop making excuses and FIND A WAY to make it happen. Ask friends and family if they can watch the kids for the day or a few hours even. Save your Starbucks money for a week and use the money for gas to make that trip to the beach.

W.I.T.=Whatever it Takes

W.I.T. to start believing in you again and not allowing that gripping hold of what others MIGHT be thinking about you. You have one life to live so why not start living it! The time is now. Make it happen. I believe in you. You have the means to change your life. The real question is…are you ready?

I look forward to seeing you on your own “beach” whatever that may mean for you.

Much Love,


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