Affirmations & “I AM” Statements Revealed

What are they? How can I start using them effectively? 


“With the right attitude human beings can move mountains. With the wrong attitude they can be crushed by the smallest grain of sand.” – Jim Rohn, a outstanding leader and mentor of mine.


What is an Affirmation or “I Am” Statement?

From Wikipedia, an Affirmation is a declaration that something is true.
Now you might be saying to yourself right now “But if my affirmation is “I am a best selling author and speaker” and I haven’t even written my book yet, how can it be true?” That’s good. The first step is recognizing what the voice in your head is saying and then correcting it with the new thought or affirmation.

Take a look at Muhammed Ali, what would he always say? He would say he was the champ…even BEFORE he was the champ!  “I am the greatest in the world” and he believed that he was before anyone else saw it. How could he ever become the greatest if he didn’t believe it himself? That is what we are training your mind to do, think in possibility vs problem. It is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight but would you rather stay with the alternative and keep getting what you’ve always got? I didn’t think so, you DESERVE to be and achieve all your affirmations and “I Am” statements.

How Can I Start Using them?

It can be as simple as taking a look at the list of Books and Audios, finding the ones that pertain to you or the things you desire to work on in your life, then write them on Sticky Notes :-) or on a piece of paper and pin it up in your bathroom, office, fridge, somewhere you can read it every day.

For those of you who are more advanced and up for really making an impact in your life, you can create your own Affirmations and I AM statements. Just remember to always write them in a positive manner and refrain from using words like “should, can’t, won’t, no longer,  etc”. The mind is a very powerful computer and since the majority of society is programmed more negatively than positively, our brain has been programmed to listen for the negative words and then provide even if your intention was “I no longer want to do this…” instead write in the form of it is already occurring and in a positive light such as “I am so happy and grateful that ….. ” or “I am financially free. I am creating wealth and abundance. I attract like minded individuals into my business. I am an exceptional mother. I am enjoying the freedom I feel when I drive my new (insert vehicle here).”

One of my personal favorites that I put as a calendar reminder on my phone… “I am an irresistible magnet for all that belongs to me by divine right. My income is constantly increasing. I am love, lovable and loving. I am perfectly qualified for each new opportunity that comes my way. I always know what to do in the moment and I am guided every step of the way. I reach out safely. I inspire people to live their potential. I challenge people to make a difference. I train, teach and motivate people to build wealth. I am spiritually in tune.”

Feel free to take these I Am Statements and Affirmations and put them on your vision and dream boards, test drive and take a picture of you in your dream car or even pull ideas from your Bucket List. Seeing a visual and feeling what it feels like to have and achieved your Affirmations every day you look at your Dream Board will get you there faster than simply reading the sentences on their own.


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