Success Tips – Mind Chatter

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Greene’s Release Tip :  Know that mind chatter is only your fear talking.

Mind chatter is amazing!

As soon as you think of doing something new, out come all the reasons why you shouldn’t do it, or even bother because it’s not going to work, and are going to fail anyway.

So you listen, stop what you are doing and feel defeated, yet again. Sound familiar?


Understanding Mind Chatter

The trick is understanding what mind chatter is, how it works, and then how to reign it in. This is much easier than you realize.


Here’s a basic example of how mind chatter works. Say you were bitten by a dog when you were just a little child. Your wonderful mind decided that it needed to do something to keep you safe, so you would never have that terrifying experience again. Whenever a situation arises that could involve dogs or risk your safety (according to your over-protective mind), it screams out as loudly as it can. “Don’t go for a walk without a big stick”, “There is a dog ahead, so cross the street”, “Ask Johnny to play at your house because there’s a big dog at his.” Then your mind used the adrenaline of fear to alert you to possible danger, so you not only hear the warnings, but feel them too. This is a true story by the way.

The point is, that your mind chatter, while being totally unrealistic for this particular situation, is your mind’s misguided way of doing all it can to protect you from physical and emotional hurt, because it cares.


Take Charge of Mind Chatter

As you go through the Greene’s Release materials, you will learn how to follow individual mind chatter to its base, then resolve and permanently remove it, so you never hear it again.


In the meantime, understanding that all fearful mind chatter is your mind’s misguided attempt to keep you safe from possible physical and emotional pain, lets you step out of its control and realize that you don’t have to believe it.

Now you are ready to temporarily reign it in so it doesn’t sabotage your success.

  • Whenever you hear any negative thoughts (related to Greene’s Release for example), listen, and then think. You may hear “It won’t work, nothing will work.” Thank it for its warning (remembering that it is trying to protect you), tell it that you will take care of this topic when it is the right time, and then firmly tell it to silence.
  • Absolutely refuse to listen to it, and then say the 6 times table back and forth 3 times (1×6=6, 2×6=12, etc), to activate your logical mind (mind chatter can’t operate while you are thinking about logical things).
  • Have 5 activities that involve your logical mind on hand at all times, ready to do as soon as you have silenced the chatter. For example; read an intriguing book, talk to a friend on the telephone, surf for new itouch apps.

That’s it!

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